Woman Gets A Super Sweet Tattoo To Match Her Rescued Dog

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Vanessa Marie Ross was looking for her new best friend just as her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She came across Toby, a tiny Westie with sad eyes in a post on Snookie’s Society, a Canadian rescue group for small dogs. She was gripped by Toby’s sad eyes and knew that she had to have him!

Source: Vanessa Marie Rose

Toby had a troubled past life. He had been badly mistreated and had spent 6 years in a puppy mill locked in a tight cage. He has stunted growth, problems with his back, and other health issues. He went to a physically abusive owner and was eventually turned into a high-kill shelter. Toby ultimately ended up in a rescue and was then adopted by Vanessa. Vanessa stated that someone needed to give this dog a chance. She felt this was something she had to do and she will be with Toby no matter what happens.

There has been a remarkable difference in Toby. Vanessa brings him along to work, where his anxiety is slowly but surely improving. Toby still suffers from anxiety but is adjusting to his new life. Vanessa does not think that she saved Toby, she stated that Toby saved her.

Source: Vanessa Marie Rose

To celebrate their bond, Vanessa decided to get a tattoo that matched Toby’s. At the breeder, Toby was marked with 05 behind his ear. Vanessa got the same tattoo behind her ear to match her dog’s tattoo.

Source: Vanessa Marie Rose

Vanessa told BuzzFeed Canada “This poor guy was abused and then he was marked. I really wanted to do something that would bond me with him forever. I have a tattoo for my sister so why not my dog? He’s truly my best friend.” We are completely floored by this.

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