Watch What This Dog Does When Mom Asks Who stole the Cookie off the Counter


The hilarious video of two Black Labradors, Loa and Harley, has gone viral. In the video, Alex Hutchinson wants to find out which of the dogs stole the cookie from the kitchen counter. The two dogs are given the option to “rat the other one out”. The loyalty between the two sibling dogs is on trial. Alex tells them that whoever turns in the other will be not be punished. She goes ahead to explain to them that she understands it is a difficult decision for them to make.

Harley and Loa appear sad during the interrogation. However, the culprit is finally revealed. Without much thinking, Harley places his paws on her sister. This is to communicate that his sister is the cookie thief. The mum asks them again and even gives Loa a chance to defend herself. Harley repeatedly places his paws on Loa’s head to confirm that he is sure her sister took the missing cookie. In the end, Harley takes a bow to symbolize gratification for being the sellout.

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