Veteran About To Commit Suicide Saved In A Serendipitous Encounter

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Soldiers are commonly afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Seeing death up close, perhaps of those whom you knew and being shot at are some things one can’t easily forget. The war-related harmful impacts go beyond ill effects on health. It causes anxiety, severe depression and at times become a reason for taking drastic steps.

That was exactly what Josh Marino, an Iraq war veteran, initially planned. “I didn’t want to deal with it anymore”, Marino said. He decided to end his life. He wrote a goodbye letter, took out one of his knives and headed outside to have one last smoke.

Image Source: Mutual Rescue

Little did he know that he was setting foot into a life-changing experience. Hope came amid all the despair. The tiny ray of light came in the form of a vulnerable stray kitty! The friendly feline emerged from the bushes, walked up to him, and started rubbing against his leg as if demanding much-needed petting. Now, who rescued who?

Image Source: Mutual Rescue

A powerful bond was created right from that very moment. Together with his newfound pet cat named “Scout,” Marino created a video testimony for Mutual Rescue to share their exceptional story, touch lives, and perhaps save another one!

Image and Story Source: boredpanda & Mutual Rescue

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