‘Ultimate Dog Tease’ Is Back With Another Talking Dog, Adoption Message


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Videos of talking pets have begun to reach people’s hearts and make them laugh – this is done through voice over just in case you’re saying to yourself “animals can’t speak?”.

Clyde’s owner got Clyde a new kitten friend but decides to break the news to Clyde by teasing him. As his new owner brings up going to the pet store and looking at kittens for Clyde, Clyde gets excited and expresses his joy. Before Clyde gets too excited, the owner tells Clyde that he was also looking at snakes at the pet store. Clyde obviously does not want a friend snake and has a rather disappointed and disgusted look on his face. Instead of talking about getting a pet cat, the owner teases Clyde by naming a variety of animals he looked at while at the pet store (guinea pig, mice, parrots, etc.). As the owner names all of the animals he looked at while browsing the pet store, he finally says kittens. Clyde wags his tail and is filled with joy. Instead of telling Clyde straight up that he is getting a new kitten friend, the owner teases him a little more because why not? It’s fun.

In the middle of telling Clyde he also looked at turtles, there is a cute and innocent meow – one of a kitten that is! Could this be it for Clyde? Is he really getting a new kitten friend? He’s wanted one for so long, and his dream finally comes true! Clyde’s owner bought a shelter kitten!

This funny talking animal video wasn’t only created to make people laugh. Andrew Grantham created this one for the Pets Add Life campaign, it is created to encourage and increase pet adoptions as well as responsible pet ownership and the importance of giving your current pet a companion.

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