To The Rescue: Recovering Addict and Dog on Euthanasia List Help Each Other Heal

Heartwarming Stories

PJ Regan and Clove. Discover the story of the recovering addict and man’s best friend duo who’ve found comfort in each other’s care.

Clove was not just once, but twice almost euthanized before being adopted by her new master. The dog cannot be blamed for being shy and scared, who was initially untrusting of PJ. Uncertain of what to do to gain his nervous dog’s trust, PJ decided to take Clove out for a walk- and that one walk changed everything!

Who would have known that being adventurous by nature is something they’d have in common? Today, PJ and Clove dauntlessly bask in the freedom of the outdoors, rain or shine or snow. The two share a beautiful bond and have become inseparable. Together they heal while hiking on the road to recovery and having the time of their lives.

Image Source: The Dodo

Clove is now living the happy life she deserves, just like every other dog. PJ wishes to inspire others to adopt or rescue an animal in need, spend more time outside, and appreciate the world.

Check out the video below!

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