Thoughtless Siberian Husky Breeder Faces Felony Charges For Abandoning Her Huskies

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The Siberian Husky is one of the most magnificent and friendly of all dog breeds. So why would any responsible breeder abandon more than a dozen of them in the wilderness?

For the answer to this, you will have to ask Deborah L. Hosler of Hosler’s Huskies, The Michigan breeder was charged with and plead guilty to abandonment of animals. She had abandoned 15 Siberian Huskies in January of this year, choosing to let the pack fend for themselves instead of being responsible and trying to find a new owner for them. Police were called after the pack caught the attention of neighbors. The result of her actions led to the death of one, a male who was hit on a road while roaming around.

When arrested, she told police the story that she feared the dogs would be euthanized because she was not financially able to continue breeding them. There is something amiss here because she could have picked up the phone and called another breeder or someone who would be willing to take them from her for free. The minimum effort on her part could have avoided the horrible situation and the legal troubles for her.

For her irresponsible act and general laziness, she was brought up on felony charges and received a measured legal punishment: 5 years of probation and ordered to pay $2,518 in restitution, according to The Daily Telegram. That includes $1,290 to the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department animal control division and $254 to the Harry Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue of Shingleton. As part of her sentence, she was also ordered by Lenawee County Circuit Judge Margaret M.S. Noe to not own, possess or care for any animals during her five years on probation; to seek psychological treatment if required by her probation agent; and to seek and maintain full-time employment.

Was the sentence equitable to the crime? We think not.

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