This Soldier Was Afraid His Military Dog Would Not Remember Him But She Could Never Forget

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Taylor is a Military dog that served many years, working alongside her Soldier and protecting him and his mates from bombs. “Tay-Tay” as they lovingly called her, was such an amazing asset to the United States military that the Taliban actually had a bounty on her head! They knew what a big threat she was to their operations so they wanted her dead.

Image Source: NBC News

Thankfully, Taylor survived and completed her tour of duty. Once a military dog has completed their service, they are typically adopted out to a loving home so they can spend their retirement years in peace. Sgt. Tom Hanson badly wanted to bring Taylor home with him, but he knew it would likely be impossible because of the extreme expense involved.

This is when a miracle began to unfold. Molli, a flight attendant, has a true passion for reuniting soldiers with their service dogs. When she heard about Tom’s desire to adopt Taylor, she put up the money out of her own pocket and personally flew Taylor to Tom’s hometown so these two would never have to be separated again.

Image Source: NBC News

At the airport, Sgt. Tom Hanson was all nerves. Since they had been apart for quite some time, he was worried Taylor would no longer remember him once they saw each other. As Molli brought Taylor through the airport, it was clear Taylor felt a level of excitement she had not in some time.

It turns out Sgt. Hanson didn’t need to worry at all. The moment Taylor saw him, Molli could not hold her back! She bounded into Tom’s arms as if time and distance had never separated the two. This proves a dog never forgets the bond that is experienced once they have chosen a human as their own. Now, these two can spend their retirement together, enjoying each other and life.

Image Source: NBC News

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