This Perfect Adoption Photo – Adopted Shelter Dog Gently Snuggles His New Mom

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture of Russ the pit bull, a former shelter dog, cuddling up to his new parent of only two weeks, Kayla Filoon says a lot. For one, it speaks highly of the bond between pets and their people and how quickly a bond can form from a grateful animal happy to be in a loving home.

Kayla Filoon, a student who volunteers as a dog walker at an animal shelter in Philadelphia, fell in love with Russ during their time outside. So much so, that she came in the very next day to fill out his adoption papers to bring him home. Filoon says that she walked Russ for about 45 minutes, but it only took about five minutes for her to fall in love with him. “He was really cuddly with me, even when we went into the yard,” Filoon said. “He seemed like such a sweet dog, and he didn’t bark at any of the other dogs.” Their budding puppy love story is going viral after Kayla’s aunt, Jamie Holt snapped a picture of the two cuddling and shared it to Facebook where it took off. It’s easy to see why!

Credit: Kayla Filoon

Adopt, don’t shop is a rallying cry for many shelters and animal lovers that some people ignore because they can be too caught up in getting a new puppy from a pet store. Russ, already with several strikes against him as a young male pit bull facing health problems can be exactly why some people may skip the shelter, but his story proves that you can’t judge a shelter dog.

Credit: Kayla Filoon

Credit: Kayla Filoon

Filoon hopes the photos will inspire others to adopt shelter dogs

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