This Golden Retriever is hooked on to his Pacifier. The video says it all!


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This Golden Retriever certainly doesn’t want to part with his new found toy – A Pacifier. Yes, you heard it right! No matter what their age, Dogs like being silly. A Dog’s brain is very mysterious place; they might not give a hoot about their toys but hold on to strange objects that are not meant to be toys in the first place.

Meet Max, the Golden Retriever who isn’t willing to let go of his new found toy – a pacifier anytime soon. Maybe he is missing his good old puppy days, who knows! The dog has laid claim to the pacifier, calling it mine at one point. He refuses to let it go and puts his paw up every time his human tries to take it.  Guess the pacifier is giving him some much needed time with its owner.

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