The Remarkable Story of an Injured Baby Donkey

You don’t expect to find an injured baby donkey when walking past a car wash, but that’s exactly what a mother and son walking near the Skunk Creek Wash in Peoria, AZ found.

It was the last weekend in March when the two noticed a severely injured and malnourished foal. Knowing they couldn’t just leave it there, the mother helped it up and it followed them home. Back at her apartment, she tried to give the donkey some water, but also knew she was in over her head. Thankfully, the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization was there to help. Volunteer Annie Brown came immediately to pick the donkey up and take her to an emergency vet.

Image Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

By the time they arrived, the fragile, 6-day-old animal was not only malnourished, dehydrated, and severely injured, but also in shock. Fortunately, the emergency staff was able to save her life and determine that the large, open wound on her neck, believed to have been caused by an adult donkey stepping on her, was badly infected.

Before long, the foal had a name and was back on the path to recovery. Named Chloe, she was treated at the vet for several days before moving to the AERO rescue center, where she instantly started nursing from her surrogate mum, a lactating donkey named Jessica. In addition to the milk, Chloe’s diet was supplemented with nutrients via a feeding tube.

Image Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

Image Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

Today, not two weeks since she was found, Chloe has seen a remarkable improvement and is headed toward a full recovery.

According to a recent interview with Soleil Dolce, AERO’s vice president, Chloe has recently started eating hay and is making an effort to explore her new environment.

Dolce said, “She’s getting so strong and healthy.”

Chloe will be considered for adoption once she is determined to be strong enough.

(Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)

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