Stray Argentinean Dog Saves Abandoned Baby

Heartwarming Stories

This stray dog did something to show that no matter how bad things get there is still room for kindness. She rescued an abandoned baby on the streets.

Way, a street dog lives a tough life on the streets of Argentina. One cold night, Way came across an abandoned baby on the street. Way already had her own puppies and her maternal instincts kicked in. She saved the little one and kept it safe.

She and her puppies kept the baby warm during the cold night. When rescuers found the child, they could not believe the baby was still alive. The baby was only a month old and would not have survived if it wasn’t for Way.

Resident Alejandra Griffa heard the baby’s cries and rush forward to help. The baby was taken to a hospital and the child’s mother was detained. Way and her puppies are doing well.

Image Source: Seamos Mas Animales Como Ellos – Mundo

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