Military Dog Receives Well-Deserved Hero’s Farewell

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Bodza the German Shepherd was a faithful companion and friend to Air Force officer Kyle. The two were paired on duty in Kyrgyzstan, and then Kyle adopted his new friend after his tour of duty was complete. Sadly the brave and loyal Bodza came down with a painful and incurable spinal condition, and Kyle had no choice but to gently put his friend down.

Kyle and Bodza were accompanied to the veterinarian’s office by Kyle’s family and friends, who knew just how important Bodza was in his life and had come to love and respect Bodza as well. Together they kept Bodza company while the veterinarian administered the euthanasia.

Kyle was devastated by the loss of his canine friend, and he cried harder than he had ever cried at any other point in his life. In recognition of Bodza’s service to his country and Kyle’s profound love for his companion, his Air Force friends found an American flag on the premises and proceeded to drape Bodza’s body in the flag as recognition for his heroic life as a military dog.

Image Source: Inside Edition

Bodza received a funeral worthy of any fallen soldier, and any soldier who has worked with these brave and loyal animals knows that each and every one of them deserves this level of respect for the service that they perform for their country and the warmth and companionship that they offer to their human counterparts. Kyle and Bodza’s tale is one that is told repeatedly around this great country and around the world, as military dogs make up an essential component of many combat units. Fortunately, the camera was rolling for this special occasion, which captured this moment for all those brave and loyal canine companions around the world and the people who have grown to love and respect them.

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