Mia the beagle does whatever Mia the beagle wants at the Westminster Dog Show

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Dogs will be dogs, even dogs that are well-trained athletes. Adorable Beagle, Mia, showed everyone just how much that rings true at the Westminster Dog Show. Her special performance reminded everyone in an uplifting way that no one can ever take away an animal’s nature.

The Westminster Dog Show is a huge event that displays a variety of dog breeds competing by jumping through hurdles, making their way through obstacles, and doing other athletic activities. Mia changed her mind about participating in the regularly scheduled competition activities and decided that she would partake in the brand new, self-created “500-meter sniffing competition.” She changed her activities in the middle of the event and decided that it was time for her to go on a sniffing journey that included the ground, the audience, and her own personal kibbles and bits. She broke loose without warning and just started going her own thing. Her actions enchanted the audience and made her the star of the show.

Unfortunately, she didn’t end up being the winner of the competition. Another dog took the winning title. Mia did win the sniffing event, but it wasn’t on the agenda.

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