Man’s Best Friend Found After A 5-year-old’s Tearful Viral Plea

Buddy, a 5-year old girl’s best friend is finally found!

Madison Wallace, hailing from Akron, Ohio, made a desperate plea on local TV for her canine friend, a Pit Bull mix. The dog disappeared from the family’s backyard Monday night and through several leads, they had a tearful but joyful reunion!

Madison described Buddy as a white pooch with a hint of brown in his eyes and some of his ears. The story appeared on local Fox 8 news; after the plea went viral, Buddy was found shortly. The missing canine pet is now safe and sound.

Initially, Buddy was found by the family 7 months ago, homeless and raggedy. Laura, Madison’s mother said that Buddy was all skin and bones. He was really banged up and they found him wandering about a road intersection. The family decided to nurse him back to health.

Madison’s father, Matt, has added that Buddy has become an important part of the family and not just a dog.

Watch the heartwarming reunion below:

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