Lost Dog Saves Boy with Down Syndrome from Nearly Fatal Seizure

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It was a beautiful day in Port Tampa. Yolanda Segovia has just had breakfast when her neighbour, Stacey Savige rang the doorbell. She was standing on the porch with a little pooch terrier who had no collar. He was in a state of dishevelment- his golden fur was matted and caked in mud; the neighbour had to work for the day. She said she found him and took him to the vet. The canine had no chip implant. Then she asked if Yolanda could keep the dog.

Yolanda, a 47-year old divorcee who survived cervical and breast cancer said yes, but only for the day. She has worked as a hairdresser in the past but that was since 2006. The pair made the necessary actions to announce the plight of the lost dog. They made a lost-and-found flier, ran some copies and put them on posts and on mailboxes. They also ran ads on Craigslist. Yolanda and her two boys went to the thrift shop and bought the pooch terrier a brown bed, a ball, a leash and a collar. The boys decided to name him “RaeLee”, pronounced as Riley. They played outside for a whole day.

Yolanda has two sons- Azaiah, who is 10, and Christian, who is 21. Christian has Down Syndrome and a host of other health conditions. He has undergone a kidney transplant and heart surgery.

Raelee was still with the Segovias four days later. No one seemed to answer the LOST notice. He didn’t seem to mind- in fact, he was already starting to answer to the words “Raelee, come!”. He treated Azaiah with child-like playfulness and had a gentle disposition with Christian.

One day, Christian was left alone inside his room watching Barney. Raelee slept beside him. Yolanda was just starting to water her plants outside when Raelee approached her, barking madly. He sprinted right across the room to Christian’s bedroom as Yolanda went inside to investigate the matter. She found Christian lying on the floor, suffering from a violent seizure. She immediately called emergency services. The neurologist said that if the dog didn’t alert Yolanda, Christian would have died choking on his own blood. Yolanda then decided to keep the precious terrier.

A call came one morning to claim the dog. Randy an unemployed plumber who has 5 kids came and found “Odie”. He said he had been searching for Odie for more than a week. Odie raced to him and buried his face to Randy’s neck. The Segovia family was sad. Azaiah stood on the porch, crying. “We’re going to miss you,” he called.

It was definitely a heartbreaking moment for them. Randy was told about how Odie saved Christian’s life. Randy saw Christian’s face, and told Azaiah, “Maybe Odie was meant to be with you. “Maybe you should keep him.” He set down Odie by Azaiah’s feet.

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