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We all love our pets, no matter our personal income, but those who have more expendable cash can go extravagant when it comes to buying your pet a gift. When Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, was considering a gift for his dog’s sixth birthday, he wanted something that was truly one of a kind. His dog Beast, who is a Puli, is part of the family and Mark wanted to give him something that no other dog would have, a 3D representation of himself.

The Puli is not a common breed in the United States and many may be unfamiliar with their look. They are a Hungarian type of sheep dog with long hair that gathers into locks. Beast resembles a four-legged mop and Mark wanted to be sure that his gift would be an accurate representation of his unique look. Mark, with the help of some really skilled Oculus staff members, created a 3-D-printed mini replica of his furry friend.

The artist studied Beast so that he could make the most accurate representation of his unique features. The sculpture was then saved as a virtual file and printed as a 3D object from a printer specifically designed for this type of work. The final result looked remarkably like Beast and will be a lasting memento of their beloved pooch.

If you are wondering how this actually works, watch Zuckerberg and the Oculus staff make some magic in the video below.


It’s Beast’s 6th birthday! A few weeks ago, an artist at Oculus designed and printed a 3D sculpture in VR. Beast was pretty confused, but I love that we have the technology and culture where people just make things like this for fun. And I think it’s pretty good!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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