Judge Judy Solves Dog Disputes in Seconds

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This episode happened back in 2012, but has again taken the social media by storm. The clip involves two people who opted to go to the court for a determination of a dispute they had. They both claimed to be owners of a dog. The dog by the name of Baby Boy, who is a white poodle, had to be brought to the courtroom where Judge Judy was listening to the case.

According to the defendant, she had purchased the poodle on the streets. On the other hand, the petitioner also claimed that the pooch was his. The argument that the defendant had was that the vet had told her that the dog was of a different age, from the one the petitioner was claiming it to have.

Judge Judy had to order the defendant to put the dog down on the floor so that it can determine by itself who the owner was.

People were shocked when the dog immediately ran to the petitioner. But still, the defendant tried to argue that the pooch always did this to everyone. But the judge ruled that Baby Boy has picked his parent.

Watch the clip below.

Image and Story Source: Viral Videos

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