Instagram-Famous Bulldog Comforts Lost Chihuahua

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On what seemed like an ordinary night, Micha Porat was driving his way home when something darted in his path. At first, he thought it was a stray cat or perhaps a rat, but to his surprise, he found a terrified little Chihuahua in the middle of the road.

He recalls the poor dog trying to run away, scared as it is, amid cars going back and forth in the street. Micha had to warn drivers and stop various vehicles from hitting the animal in his attempt to get closer. With the help of some passersby who happened to be out walking their own dogs, he was able to catch and rescue the lost Chihuahua. He then took her home with high hopes of finding her owner.

Soon as they arrived, Micha’s French Bulldog gave the little dog a warm welcome. Gomi is one wacky and energetic dog who was a lot younger than the Chihuahua, but they got along great right from the start! “I kept telling him to relax,” Micha said on how Gomi was always excited to play when the rescued dog may have had rough times. He tells how they loved to snuggle and both actually slept in his bed at night. Despite the two being awesome friends, Micha still hoped to reunite her with her family.


Gomi was, in fact, famous on Instagram, with the goofy little dog having over 80,000 followers. A brilliant idea dawned upon his dad, who decided to put up a post on Gomi’s Instagram about the lost dog. Micha shared their photos and videos along with the announcement that they’re trying to find the owner of the lost Chihuahua. Worried that the mission won’t be successful, he likewise reached out to rescue centers to help find a good home for the animal.

You might have guessed what happened next. Different messages from people who recognized the dog were sent to Micha’s inbox, and he finally knew her name. It was Osita and her dad’s desperately in search of his beloved dog.


Osita’s home was approximately 10 blocks away from the street where Micha found her during that sad and lonely night. The little Chihuahua turns out to be a senior dog at 14 years old, who went missing when she suddenly scrambled out of the car and bolted out of her owner’s garage. She’s a therapy dog at the Gustavo Briand Hair Studio, her dad’s business, and may have been stressed due to all the changes and renovations going on. Gustavo thought his dog needed to pee but immediately realized she was gone and went on a search that lasted until 3 am.

He had little hope she would manage to find her way home considering her age. Truth is, he thought no one would take her in since she was very old. Sure enough, Gustavo didn’t give up and spread missing dog flyers indicating “Osita is Missing” across social media. Ultimately, he was proved wrong when one of his friends shared Micha’s post and upon seeing it, he blurted out “That’s my dog!”


The next thing you know, Micha and Gustavo connected and everyone was overjoyed about the heartwarming reunion. Osita can now live her golden years happily with her dad, though she will definitely be missing Gomi.


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