Heroic Family Dog Saves Baby Brother From Drowning

Heartwarming Stories

Patricia Drauch, mom of a 14-month-old boy, was having a normal day as she walked along with her son to her house. She was horrified upon realizing that Stanley was no longer by her side! You can only imagine the panic that set upon her while she looked for her baby.

Unexpectedly, Patricia saw their family dog trying to balance Stanley on his back as he struggled to float in the pool. Apparently, her son had fallen in and started to drown! Good thing, Bear was quick to act and immediately jumped after the toddler to his rescue. The loyal black Labrador wouldn’t budge until his baby brother was safe in Mom’s hands.

Stanley wasn’t breathing once he was pulled out of the water. His mother frantically rushed him to the local fire station where he was revived. He was then taken to the hospital and released later during the day. Patricia recalls how she’s always told Bear since puppy days to watch over his babies, referring to her children, and that’s exactly what he did!

Image Source: WOOD TV8

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