Hero Military Dog Gets the Best Reward Possible for Saving the Lives of Soldiers!


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Americans love, honor and hold military soldiers in high esteem for sacrificing their lives to protect the freedom and rights of the citizens. However, far too often, there are these awesome other brave ones of the canine variety that go unsung.

One special canine military dog in highlight here is no other than a loving and devoted German Shepherd military dog named Layka. Layka is truly a military hero of the very best kind. She will also, go one to be remembered by those, whose lives she fought to protect including putting herself in harm’s way.

Layka gave it her all in a battle. May of 2012, Layka and her team got caught up in a firefight in Afghanistan, and the dog endangered her life to save her fellow team members. She valiantly stepped into the line of fire and got shot four times, to protect those she loved and valued. After Layka was shot, she ended up needing 7 hours of surgery to save her life. Though her life was miraculously saved, the wonderful canine dog did end up losing one of her legs.

However, for all her heroic efforts and for bravely putting up her life to save her friends she did end up getting the best reward possible. What is this reward? Layka’s military handler, whose life she had saved, ended up developing a loving and lasting bond with her. He proudly adopted her and is now her “human” dad. Layka’s home at last!

Take a look at the video below to hear Layka’s story.

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