Heart-warming Reunion between a Staff Sergeant and his German Shepherd

Heartwarming Stories

There is nothing like a warm welcome from your dog after being away for a long time. When soldiers are gone for military service, their dogs do not understand why their owners are away, and this can cause confusion or abandonment feeling.

When the German Shepherd named Harley stepped in the room; he had already picked his best friend’s scent but could not figure out exactly where he was. When his friends told him to turn around Harley ran straight into the arms of his owner. His excitement and heavy breathing could be heard all over the room. It was such an adorable moment for the two of them.

Harley kept running around the Staff Sergeant in excited circles and could occasionally stop for some kisses and hugs; you know there is nowhere better than being in daddy’s arms. He then quickly starts running around in circles, and it is like he was making sure he won’t leave again.

It was such a wonderful and heart-warming reunion as the staff sergeant rubbed the dog’s tummy, Harley already knew it was time to celebrate and could not keep calm because daddy was home. Watch the Video below!

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