Guilty Dog Asks for Forgiveness in the Cutest Way!


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This dog really regrets his actions and his guilt is clearly visible.

A video clip shared by Anthony Federica Granai on his Facebook page titled ‘Please Forgive Me!’ shows his golden Labrador Ettore making the sincerest of apologies we have ever seen. The extremely sad looking Ettore can be seen approaching his human in an attempt to gain forgiveness for crimes untold.

Mr. Granai says : Are you asking for forgiveness? I don’t understand. What do you want?” The dog tries nuzzling his face on to his parent’s chest.


Mr Granai continues: ‘Are you asking me to forgive you? You are wrong, Ettore. ‘Do you understand where you made the mistake?’ Ettore puts up his paws on his parent’s chest in the most adorable way. Mr. Granai finally gives in and the two reconcile.

Guilty 2

While Ettore doesn’t speak Italian he is certainly fluent in ‘cute’!

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