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Meet Mr. Rakesh Shukla, a Software Engineer from Bengaluru, India, who takes his compassion for stray and abandoned dogs to another level. He takes care of 740 old, stray, ill and unwanted dogs in his extensive 3½ acre farm in Doddaballapura, Karnataka India.

Source: Rakesh Shukla, Pepper Media

Affectionately known as the Dog Father, Mr. Shukla found his new life purpose when his first pet dog Kavya, gazed into his eyes and trusted him instantly. His dedication to rescuing dogs in distress sees him spend three to four days a week taking care of his dogs. If he is not at his software company he most definitely will be at the dog farm. His farm has ten employees which include trained veterinary officials to take personalized and professional care of all the dogs.

The dogs’ diet includes chicken and rice. The 740 dogs consume 200kg of poultry and 200kg of rice every day. Mr. Shukla picks the tab all year through. He also meets 93% of the farm’s budgetary requirements. Most dogs rescued by the farm are from the streets. Most of the Dogs that come in are ill or have lifelong diseases. The farm’s trained veterinary assistants take constant care of the dogs until they are completely healthy, injury-free and disease free.

The extensive farm also features ponds for the dogs to swim, extensive woodland, grassland and a perimeter fence to protect the dogs. Mr. Shukla’s love for dogs goes beyond petting. He is passionate about his cause. He feels that the dogs give him ultimate solace, and he feels lively around them.

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This Dog Whisperer looks after 740 Dogs

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Rakesh Shukla is a software engineer in Bangalore, who’s found his life’s calling in looking after abandoned and stray dogs. Know about this father of 740 dogs #In2Minutes.

Posted by The Logical Indian on Saturday, January 7, 2017

Source: The Logical Indian, Rakesh Shukla, BBC

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