Dr. Travis Opens Up About His Aging Dog, Gets Emotional on Camera

Heartwarming Stories

It is not every day that a man opens to the world about his special friend, lover, comforter — a pet. But on an episode of The Doctors, Dr. Travis opened up about this Dog Nala. This video is a true depiction of the love a man can have for his adopted dog.

The video is about Dr. Travis Stork who shares with the audience about how difficult it is to deal with the fact that your beloved aging dog will soon die. The video shows some of the memorable moments Dr. Travis had with his pet, Nala, and at some point, tears up when he looks back on his dog.

Well, it also happens that he is not the only person on the panel who’s ever lost a dog. Dr. Andrew had lost his dog, Lulu, a year ago and also shares on the ups and downs of having and losing a dog. The audience gets to learn how Dr. Travis adopted Nala from a shelter 17 years ago and the many things they did together. This is a heart rendering story of a man who tries to reveal that his elderly dog is nearing the end.

“She’s one my best buddies in my life – maybe the very best,” he said. “Preparing for the end, and yet not having their funeral until it comes — it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster.”

Shortly after the segment was recorded, Nala passed away. Watch the video below.

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