Dog Vanishes After Deadly Car Crash. Found after 65 Days in Desert

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When Rose was driving down the highway in her RV with her two dogs that day, the last thing on her mind was an accident. Unfortunately, her tire blew out making her vehicle to roll, and the aftermath was tragic. One of her dogs passed away at the scene of the accident while the other one, ILY, was thrown out of the windshield and survived. Terrified ILY could not bear sticking around. Thus, it ran away into the scorching Arizona desert.

Considering the injuries that Rose had sustained, searching for ILY was close to impossible. Luckily, her neighbors were generous enough to help her find and salvage ILY (means I Love You).

Two months later, nobody had found ILY. At this point, many had given up on finding her, having assumed the worst. However, Rose had a strong belief that she would meet her beloved dog soon. During the two long months, an army of volunteers had been camping in the desert close to a baited cage and listening to a baby monitor for any sign of a dog. On the 65th night, they were in high spirits when they heard a bark on the monitor and saw two dogs.

Image Source: ABC15 Arizona

One of the dogs was ILY, while the other was a stray dog who had befriended ILY in the desert and had supported her all through. Considering that ILY survived on water puddles for hydration and lost more than half her body weight, her survival was miraculous. The moment when ILY and Rose met could make one shed a tear.

Image Source: ABC15 Arizona

Rose adapted ILY’s friend, who she named Buddy- perfect name considering the aid he extended to ILY while in the desert. ILY is now fully recovered, and she is thrilled to be united with her mama.

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