Dog Rescues His Human Stranded Without Toilet Paper

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What do an Italian Greyhound, a cell phone cord, and a roll of toilet paper have in common? They all worked together to meet one woman’s basic needs.

We will be genteel here, but there are times when you run out of certain things – like toilet paper. Everything is out of reach, and everyone else is absent or occupied.

What is a woman to do?

Sabina was hopelessly trapped on the toilet without a single square in sight. Her boyfriend heard her digital cries for help but was equally occupied in another part of the house. The good thing was that Ozzy, her loyal Italian Greyhound, was available and unoccupied. So, her boyfriend had a plan and called Ozzy. He faithfully answered the call of duty and within a few minutes appeared at Sabina’s door, equipped with more than a few squares.

Ozzy walked in with a roll of toilet paper that Sabina’s boyfriend had secured to him with a phone charging cable. Ozzy made a sacrifice when answering Sabina’s call. “The funny thing about my dog is whenever I put something on him, a bandage or whatever, he freezes!” Sabina told The Dodo. “But this time he was such a good boy.”

You can tell from the picture that Ozzy isn’t totally comfortable with his mission, But that’s what real friends will do in cases of emergency.

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