Dog Acts Like A ‘Mom’ To Baby Chickens

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Sometimes our pets do the most shocking things that we never expected. This is what happened when Brittany Gillot brought home six baby chicken and didn’t know how her dog Mac would react to this. So the unexpected happened.

Like what any other pet owner would do when introducing a new member to the pet family, Gillot decided to keep the chicks in a clear plastic bin. They never expected Mac would fall in love with the chicks.

Mac was adopted by Gillot and her husband four years ago and the two couldn’t resist this adorable looking dog. They thought he was sweet from the word go. This is what you would call love at first sight. This was a lovable dog and everybody who came across him fell in love with him. But the couple was not sure if the same feeling would be there if chicks came across him.

Every day, Mac would force himself into the room just to sit down and gaze at the adorable chicks. It was clear he wanted to make friends with them. It now became a routine that Mac had to see the chicks every morning before eating his breakfast.

Image Credits: Brittany Gillott

Gillot decided to let the chicks out of the bin when they became older. She was, however, cautious and always kept a close eye at their interactions. Mac couldn’t stop licking and sniffing them. They seemed to like it too and they were always close. Image Credits: Brittany Gillott

There was no time Mac pawed or bite them. Just like the calm dog that he was, he always relaxed around the chicks. As they grew, he got attached to them and followed them around the house. Mac is now a mother chicken they never had.

To keep up with the adventures of Mac and the chickens he loves, follow their Instagram page.

Image and story Credits: Brittany Gillott & thedodo

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