Cute Dog Teaches Desperate Younger Brother How to Get Inside


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Throughout life, everyone learns skills – whether it is something that may seem simple or difficult. When learning a new skill, one may want to tackle it alone, or one might rely on someone to teach them. The puppy in this video decided he was going to learn a new skill by tackling the task himself. What you’re about to see is nothing, but sweet and heart melting!

The puppy is learning a hard life lesson – getting inside the house. What he does not know, is that right beside him, there is a doggy door that would easily allow him to enter the house. Instead of using the door, he decides he should perch himself against the window, claw at the glass, and bark endlessly.

The dog’s brother, a much older and wiser dog who has already learned the skill of getting in and out of the house, is watching from the inside, and decides it’s time to step in and offer a helping hand. The older dog models how to use the doggy door. He steps outside, barks at the younger dog to catch his attention, and shows the younger puppy that all he has to do to get inside is follow his steps and use the doggy door. The puppy is confused as to how his brother is getting in and out so easily, and he continues to bark at window in hopes that that will somehow get him inside. As this is still unsuccessful, because unfortunately the window will not move out of the puppy’s way, the older brother models the correct action to the puppy again. The puppy gets the hint and walks towards the door where he sees the door his brother has been trying to show him. The puppy hops in the doggy door and his brother waits behind to make sure he gets in successfully. After all the barking and clawing, the puppy is able to get inside.

It is with high hopes that this puppy can remember this new skill which will save him lots of energy and barks in the future.

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