A Dying Homeless Man’s Final Wish is a Home for His Dog


Stories can be inspiring and yet at the same time have a sad ending. Well, this is one of them. A dying homeless man’s dog has found finally a new home from a good Samaritan who has adopted the dog to her family. The sad news is that unfortunately, the dogs’ owner Clifford Herbert will not be able to see this act of kindness on his dog.

This inspiring story came to life last month when a kind-hearted woman named Jenine-Lacette DShazer saw the owner of the dog and the dog huddle together in a chilly sidewalk in California. Jenine couldn’t find the guts to pass the pair who without doubt were freezing with the bad weather. She grasped whatever she could get from her car and rushed to the old man and the dog. She had a blanket, a roll of toilet paper and some food and she gave it all to the man.

Image Source: GoFundMe

Wanting to know a little more about the old man and the dog Baby, Jenine stayed with the two for a while. She found out the man was welcoming and very open to her. He shared that he was a farm worker who once had owned a mechanic shop. After going through a heart surgery, Herbert (the man’s name), was disabled and sadly had to lose his job. He told her that while living in the street, he came to meet his dog which he rescued it from his owner who beat it using a flashlight. The pair became a family instantly and they were all they had. They were simply inseparable and protected each other from danger.

As Jenine continued to hear more of Herbert’s story it became even sadder since the old man had no much time to live. Herbert was struggling with liver cancer and had only 6 weeks to live. The cancer had spread to his brain. The most inspiring story now comes to this revelation when instead of asking for help, Herbert only had one wish to ask from Jenine. All he was concerned about is what will be the fate of his Baby when he soon dies.

Image Source: GoFundMe

Jenine was so touched by the man’s story that she promised to herself to do something out of the ordinary. She came up with a GoFundMe page that was to help get the man and his Baby into a motel until his wish arrangements would be made for Baby. Since January 11, this page has been able to raise an incredible $25,594! Using these funds, Herbert and Baby were moved to a safer, nicer motel and Baby was vaccinated, spayed, dewormed and micro chipped. The vet determined that Baby is deaf and vision impaired but she is a healthy, and happy dog thanks to the care and protection she received from Herbert. To top it all, Baby has a new family now. She got adopted!

Image Source: GoFundMe

This world will be sadder without Clifford Herbert in it and his dog, but this story has touched and inspired many that humanity still can exist between us. Thanks to Jenine, all those who generously donated, and even the Walker family who took in the dog, Herbert will be able to live his last days on this earth with a lot of peace in his mind knowing his Baby is in safe and loving hands.

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