A Dog That Eluded Even Professionals was Rescued by a 6-Year-Old


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Daisy, a shepherd-mix was rescued from a Northern California animal shelter and was adopted by a “forever” family in Hollister. She escaped their backyard just two days later.

According to Dog Experts, this type of behavior isn’t unusual for Dogs who are yet to truly settle in a new home. Dogs are likely to run away within the first few days of his or her adoption. Members of the Hollister Animal Lost & Found tried to rescue Daisy for close to 2 months, all to no avail. Traps like smelly food and cage traps were of no use as almost every time they got close to rescuing Daisy, she got away.

Deanna Barth, expert in animal rescue says “She was in fight or flight mode,”

Before being adopted, Daisy had spent time with a foster family. Karen Topping and her six-year-old daughter, Meghan who are avid dog fosterers had taken care of Daisy for a few weeks. During that period, Daisy got fond of 6-year-old Megan Toppings. When Megan and her mom Karen heard Daisy had run away from home and was impossible to catch, Karen and her daughter Megan drove for 40 minutes to Hollister to help rescue her.

They found Daisy in the field where she had been seen several times. Megan said to her mom that the dog had asked her to come over alone. The 6-year-old dog whisperer explained she could talk to the dog with her brain. Megan explained that Daisy told her that if her mom stayed in the truck when she came out, she would come to her.

Then the 6-year-old girl walked into the field and sat down on the green grass and waited. Daisy who had been impossible to catch by even professional dog whisperers was cautious at first but eventually walked slowly to her 6-year-old friend. In seconds Megan was petting Daisy while Daisy was wagging her tail.

Since Daisy was rescued, Karen and Megan have been looking after her. Even though Daisy is still going to be adopted by another family, she will not be going far away from the Toppings.

Karen Topping took pictures and video to document the sighting. Watch the rescue and NBC’s full video below.

Images via NBC Bay Area News

Source: NBC Bay Area News

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