18-Year-Old Dog Stays Alive Just Long Enough to Meet His New Baby Sister

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Michael and Beth Clark weren’t expecting anything particularly special the day they went to the animal control facility over at Friends of Anne Arundel to drop off their donations. But when Beth saw Rocky, a 17-year old canine, she fell at first sight. She and her husband brought the pooch home just in time for Christmas.

Beth Clark via The Dodo

The couple was truly blessed with the arrival of Rocky into their home. They remembered how the shelter dog loved to dance and show his affection to his new owners. Rocky grew into his role as a member of the Clarks, especially during the time Beth had her first pregnancy. When the first child miscarried, the dog was there in the time of sorrow.

Image via Beth Clark

It wasn’t long before Beth was pregnant a second time. How Rocky rejoiced when he heard the news!

The 18-year old senior dog started noticing when Beth Clark showed with her second bump. Beth recalled with fondness how Rocky treated her with tremendous gentleness during the pregnancy period. The couple thought they would have a difficult time with the adopted dog, but Rocky behaved himself so well that they had no problems at all. When Beth was feeling sick, Rocky was always nearby and ready to help.

Beth Clark via The Dodo

Then Rocky began experiencing seizure-like symptoms. Things didn’t look good, but the Clarks wanted Rocky to be surrounded by family until the end. Beth was 7 months pregnant; Rocky held on. He wanted to see his baby sister just before he passed the rainbow bridge.

Hazel Clark was born April 5th, a bouncing baby girl. When the Clarks went home, Rocky went right to Hazel and gave her a sniff. Then, he placed his head near hers. The Clarks cried. Rocky passed away that same night, but the Clarks provided the shelter dog a home in his final year. Someday, little Hazel will get to hear about Rocky and how he held on until she was born so he could get a glimpse of his baby sister before he passed away.

Beth Clark via The Dodo

“I hope our story helps other people decide to adopt senior dogs,” Beth told The Dodo.

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