10 Dogs who are Dressed to Impress


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No matter the occasion, your pooch always wants to look their best. Whether you’re taking them to the dog park, the vet, or on an exquisite vacation to the Bahamas; you can enjoy the style and class of the following ten dogs who dressed to impress. Get ready to laugh until you’re sore in the face. You’re sure to enjoy every wardrobe these cute dogs have to offer.

#1. Hey look Ma, I’m Minnie Mouse!
Via ChloeFrenchieImage

#2. Valet, bring me my leash, and the finest bone that you have. I’m painting the town red, tonight!
Via moderndogmagazine

#3.Are we the only one who doesn’t understand why this dog’s head is just floating in midair? Where did its body go?
Via poochiediva

#4. If you thought your boss was ruff, you’ve never seen mine. He has this weird obsession with doggie treats, though.
Via Pinterest

#5. She’s practically begging you to compliment her on her tutu and bow combo.
Via Pinterest

#6. They finally figured out how to get treats on Easter. Unfortunately for them, rabbits are vegetarians.
Via hercampus

#7. No, this lady holding me isn’t the princess or anything important. She’s practically my maid. See this crown?

#8. Straight from the big screen to a doghouse near you.
Via somepets

#9. How to catch a dragon, Part one: Feed it.

#10. Will any of you gents kindly take me to the dance? Otherwise I’m just going to lay here.
Via: Reddit

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